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504 Loan Calculator

Use this simple tool to explore SBA 504 financing options. Refer to the rest of our website to learn more about the SBA 504 program, eligibility, and the SBA 504 loan structure. (The results of this tool are for discussion purposes only.)


SBA 504 - July 2024 rates

Loan Information Entry

Minimum size is $62,500 and maximum size is $12,500,000. For projects over $12,500,000, please contact a Loan Specialist to discuss financing structure.

Estimated Debt Service


1 Not all borrowers/properties will qualify for a 40% SBA 504 structure. Special Use properties and Start up businesses in operation under 2 years will require an additional borrower contribution of 5-10%. For specifics, please contact one of our loan specialists.

2 Interest rate and terms are set by the bank, can be fixed or variable and typically range from 15- to 25-year amortizations.

3 The SBA 504 rate is set at the time of loan funding and is based on 10-year treasury plus a spread. SBA term is 10, 20 or 25 years, fully amortized.

4 The Blended rate is an approximate calculation and will differ slightly based on project fees financed into the loan debenture.

5 The First Lender will hold the 1st Mortgage as collateral. The SBA will hold the 2nd Mortgage as collateral.

6 Points and fees on the SBA 504 loan are rolled into principal and rounded up. The SBA fees are 2.65% of the SBA 504 loan plus legal fees of $2000 for SBA loan amounts under $300000 and $3000 for SBA loan amounts over $300000. For specifics, please contact one of our loan specialists.

7 Payments are calculated off of the SBA loan amount plus SBA fees