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Your SBA 504 Loan Expert

Lenders & Brokers

Benefits of a SBA 504 Loan Program

For Lenders

The SBA 504 loan offers benefits to both borrowers and lenders. The loan’s shared financing structure reduces risk for lenders, and its low down payment and long-term, low fixed interest rate puts financing within reach for businesses that may not qualify for conventional loans.
Evergreen is a premier CDC, giving us increased authority to process, close, service and liquidate SBA 504 loans. The result is a smooth, expedited process. Additionally, our simultaneous signing process on straight purchases reduces hassle, paperwork and risk for everyone involved.

Benefits to Lenders:

  • Low loan-to-value

  • Typically 50 percent

  • Lower reserve requirement

  • Reduced credit risk through partnership funding

  • CRA credits



  • Evergreen prepares the SBA paperwork and simplifies a complex process

For Brokers

Put Commercial Real Estate Ownership Within Reach

Find out if your buyer qualifies for a 504 loan

Large down payments and refinancing risks make purchasing commercial real estate difficult for many small business owners. Evergreen’s 504 loans offer a low down payment with fixed, long-term interest rates that can help make real estate ownership a reality for your clients. Evergreen’s 504 loan program helps you remove the barriers associated with commercial real estate ownership. If your client is expanding, opening additional locations or building a new facility, we can help.

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